We were just beginning. The Kitchen had been open under two months. The momentum was just picking up. We were seeing a more regular influx of members and their children. Members and children that were getting so comfortable in their new home. Just starting to settle in, to learn about each other, and just starting to see how magical this space really could be.

And then. Coronavirus. Quarantine. Working from home. Schools closed. Teaching from home. Businesses closed. Like, closed closed. Unemployment. Outbreaks.

This is NOT something I had worked in to the business plan. Deep. Breath.

PIVOT. Use this time to do all of the things you said you had no time to do. This is an opportunity! Stay relevant. Stay in front of your customers. Change the whole structure of your business. But stay true to your brand. But change everything about it, these are unprecedented times!

My head is spinning. How am I supposed to stay true to my brand when we aren't allowed together? That's kind of our thing. How am I supposed to stay in front of my customers? I can barely get a shower in most days. Deep. Breath.

Give yourself grace. This is something NO ONE has dealt with before. We're doing the best we can. What's important is taking care of yourself and your children. These are traumatic times. OK- this I can identify with. Taking things a day at a time, dealing with the emotions as they come. Capitalizing on the days that the motivation creeps back in. Pivoting. Finally.

And here we are. Back at another new beginning. We're moving to a digital platform thanks to this incredible new website by our friend Carly at CK Design. There is so much opportunity ahead of us now- to be able to gather virtually, and to have the important conversations about our lives, our families and our work. To get you all in front of the people who are in the same boat as you so that we can all feel a little less alone in a time that is *actually* isolating. These are our roots. This is true to our brand. We've already made it through some wild times, my friends. But I look forward to getting comfortable here, too. And I can't wait to pick up momentum again.

For more information on our digital memberships- check out the membership page on our website! We can't wait to have you as a part of our community! There are so many exciting things to come.

Hang in there,


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